The Doctor Rossi Re-finished

I’ve created an updated version of my Rossi painting removing a major element and other minor adjustments.

Comparing the two the most obvious change is the removal of the paint run area on the new version.

Whilst it was always my intention to have this effect, and in fact took a bit of planning as to how to go about it – I realise that some people would prefer it without.

I have left the red and white kerbing alone with it’s rough finish though. I didn’t want to loose the notion that this is hand painted after all.

The other changes were to smooth out some of the roughness of the paint and to increase a little touch on some of the highlights. Note that I didn’t remove those sneaky hidden logos – how many can you spot?

You can see some neater edges and smoother transitions here. I also didn’t fix any of the errors I made, keep it quiet but I missed a few things on the original 🤫

Hopefully you’ll like the new version, if I had to pick between them I’d probably still favour the original and of course you’re never going to beat the actual painting itself. The new and old versions are available as a print in my shop links.

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