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A life-long car enthusiast who discovered the joy of creating art and sharing it with the world rather than hiding it away in a drawer.

Whilst the majority of my art is automotive based due to my unhealthy car obsession it’s not exclusively only cars that I paint and draw.

Animals are another subject I find enjoyable to paint and draw. Trying to capture the essence of the character is a great challenge.

Portraits also are also quite the challenge.

It’s easier to put a piece of fur out of place on an animal and for it to go unnoticed. However the human brain is attuned to the face like nothing else and mistakes can be spotted immediately usually.

Whilst the vast majority of my art is created by me from my own subject choices I’m quite happy to sell it on to hang on someone else’s wall. I ran out of space years ago and it helps fund new art materials 🤣

Please visit the Sales link to see where to buy my art.

My Blog page details recent works, showing progress shots and also how I go about creating the artwork.

Westland Dragonfly 🚁

Westland Dragonfly WG751 from 1952. First on-site sketch for quite a while (months, possibly more than a year). It started to rain when doing the line work so I had to quickly snap a photo and continue…

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981 curves

A tangerine sport car being enjoyed in the sun – blatting on flowing, traffic-free, twisty, hilly country lanes with scenery all around in every direction. What a heavenly experience… I did try out different colours (my Etsy…

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Westfield SE

A3 watercolour of my first sports car, and my first major project with a car as this is one I built myself. I started building this car in my teens – whilst most were into hot hatches…

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Triumph TR7

My old Triumph TR7. I’ve posted a digital version of this before in yellow, however it started life in this colour before I got my hands on it. I owned this for a few months with the…

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The Doctor Rossi Re-finished

I’ve created an updated version of my Rossi painting removing a major element and other minor adjustments. Comparing the two the most obvious change is the removal of the paint run area on the new version. Whilst…

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Ford Sierra 1.6GL Sketch

Ford Sierra 1.6GL Another sketch of one from my car history. Don’t unfollow just yet, I also had sportscars at this time so the interesting stuff is coming up next ☺️ This was another freebie company car…

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