Ford Sierra 1.6GL Sketch

Ford Sierra 1.6GL

Another sketch of one from my car history.

Don’t unfollow just yet, I also had sportscars at this time so the interesting stuff is coming up next ☺️

This was another freebie company car with a free fuel card. I’m sure that also got used for my sports car and most likely my mates cars as well 😁

As this was the early 90’s and the car sharing laws just came in it was compulsory to carry a glamour model on the bonnet at all times. It was the law. Ruined the fuel economy though…


  1. My dad had a Sierra too, light blue (among many others cars he had, he part exed them every year). Nice sketch. I think the cars of the 70s, 80s and 90s have more character than the current ones on the road, but maybe I’m just a nostalgia junkie.

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    • Yes, I agree when it comes to ‘ordinary’ day to day cars.

      You could tell the manufacturer at a glance even if you weren’t into cars at all.

      When it comes to the supercar market there’s been a realisation over the past few years that pretty much everything that’s been made is an irrelevance for the road. So what if the 0-60 is 4, 3 or 2 seconds, all that equates to is that you can’t use the throttle as hard it for as long.

      That’s showing up clearly now in the values of pre-00’s cars which have exploded as those with the required funds choose something which would’ve been either on the Athena poster on the bedroom wall or simply what their dad drove.

      Whilst I’m simply working through my ‘back catalogue’ of cars for the sake of painting practice as well as reminiscing there might be something in celebrating the unremarkable cars from this era.

      I don’t feel tempted to paint any modern SUVs or hatchbacks that’s for sure.

      Thanks for the feedback, it’s much appreciated.

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      • When we walked to school we’d rate the cars we’d see passing on the busy roads, not for performance or reputation but just on style alone. Kind of like a marks out of ten for looks. I tried it the other day out of interest and barely made any scores over 5 lol. I remember staying at my aunt’s over the holidays in the mid 80s when she lived in a flat over a Colt Mitsubishi showroom. The salesman there was really friendly and always gave me loads of brochures and posters to take back home. Another showroom back in the day near where I lived sold the modern cars of the time but with a sideline in 50s and 60s older models. Always fun to walk past that one and stop to look.

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