Triumph TR7

My old Triumph TR7.

I’ve posted a digital version of this before in yellow, however it started life in this colour before I got my hands on it.

I owned this for a few months with the intention of doing it up, fitting a V8 (it didn’t have an engine) and in a moment of craziness I’d decided to make it into a convertible.  The naivety of youth… needless to say it didn’t really work out as planned and ended up going to the scrap dealer 🤤

The previous version


    • Thank you Kim. I may have mentioned before, I hate doing the wheels, it’s my weakest area when doing cars.

      I had planned to start a little project of “draw a wheel a day for a month” in the hope of improving but I must admit I put in off in lieu of doing the nicer things 🤭

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