Welcome to Steve’s art, please feel free to take a browse around.

A life-long petrolhead who can’t afford to have a collection of supercars in the garage but has learnt the skills necessary to decorate the walls with paintings of them. If you have something interesting I can paint yours for you too !!

Whilst the majority of my art is automotive based it’s not exclusively cars that I paint and draw.

Animals are another favourite subject. Trying to capture the character is a rewarding challenge.

I also draw people portraits, in amongst the back catalogue you’ll also find characters from Disney.

What don’t I paint? Well, I’m not particularly interesting in painting landscapes or abstract weird stuff.

Please visit the Gallery if you’d like to buy some a painting, or you can possibly commission your very own. Any sales go straight into buying new art materials.

I’m also active on Instagram — there’s more detail on the artwork here on this website but Instagram is an easy platform to take a look at my stuff. Here are the recent posts…

(C) Copyright Steve Kidd 2014-2022, artwork is for your viewing pleasure only, don’t nick it. Thank you.