Digital paintings are certainly very popular right now. I started drawing digitally because whilst I’m very much into painting with traditional media I do like the digital aesthetic – the clean, smooth perfection of the images, etc.

Digitally painted Porsche 911 Turbo S

Whilst I’m not about to give up the traditional wet paint on canvas there are definitely pro’s and con’s to both from my point of view.

Digital can be as challenging to learn as with the traditional painting for me and can take 20-40 hours for a full on new commission so it’s fairly comparable.

I generally adopted a method of drawing that allows me to be able to change the body colour. This is so that other petrolheads with a desire for an art print of their car can do so at a reasonable price, assuming I’ve drawn that particular model of course.

Art Prints and Commissions

If you were interested in buying an art print of any of the existing designs without any changes then you can order a museum-quality poster professionally made on thick and long-lasting premium matte 200 GSM (uncoated) paper. This is a very high quality print.

The prices below include delivery to the UK, I can post internationally if required – sometimes for free in the USA so it’s worth asking.

Most of these should be on my Etsy shop but if not then you can contact me directly and I can send it direct.

Premium Matte Paper Poster 20×25 cm / 8×10″£25
Premium Matte Paper Poster A3 (29.7 x 42 cm)£35
Premium Matte Paper Poster 30×40 cm / 12×16″£35
Premium Matte Paper Poster 40×50 cm / 16×20″£35
Premium Matte Paper Poster 40×60 cm / 16×24″£40
Premium Matte Paper Poster A2 (42 x 59.4 cm)£40

Personalised Design

If you have seen your car model already drawn then you can order a customised version unique to you – this will be for the paint colour and number plate changed.

For a personalised design I will upload your design to Redbubble and Moospeed.Art so you can see what it would look like on many different products such as phone covers, clothing, framed art prints (pls see below), stickers, etc. If you have something else specific in mind then I can send you the high-res graphic file as well.

Design + Redbubble upload£30
Design + Premium Matte Paper Poster 20×25 cm / 8×10″£55
Design + Premium Matte Paper Poster A3 (29.7 x 42 cm)£65
Design + Premium Matte Paper Poster 30×40 cm / 12×16″£65
Design + Premium Matte Paper Poster 40×50 cm / 16×20″£65
Design + Premium Matte Paper Poster 40×60 cm / 16×24″£70
Design + Premium Matte Paper Poster A2 (42 x 59.4 cm)£70

Further customisation to a redesign

Wheel changes, suspension loweringadd £25
Pin-striping, custom paintwork, sign-writing, race livery, etc.add £25
Minor changes such as badge removal, simple background colourFREE

These designs scrolling along can be recoloured, I’ll be adding many more car models to these in due course.

Framed Options

I have been through a few print suppliers trying to find the right balance of quality and price, I now favour quality over outright low price having had to deal with previous issues.

One thing I would say is that framed prints from Redbubble look excellent and have been recommended by my own customers initially !!

If you were considering a ready-framed option then I can also offer that. My frames come out slightly cheaper when taking into account of size and postage, etc.

I’m keen to give you a wide choice, and as your design will be available on Redbubble and Moospeed.Art anyway you may want to wait to see what it looks like there first before making a decision. If you then decided you’d rather have it framed from me then you can simply pay the difference :o)

Museum Quality Matte Paper Framed 189gsm 40 x 30cm (approx A4 inside the mount / mat)£65
Museum Quality Matte Paper Framed 189gsm 70 x 50cm (approx A3 inside the mount / mat)£105
Personalised Design + 40 x 30cm Frame and mount£95
Personalised Design + 70 x 50cm Frame and mount£135
Personalised Design + Redbubble upload, there are multiple frame options on RB and uploaded for FREE£30

The framed blue car below is a photo that one of my customers sent me, it’s my design of his car in the box frame from Redbubble.

Full on custom commission – ‘the daddy’

This is the premium option for those wanting a truly unique digital drawing of their specific car.

You can either supply a photo source or I can work from a different photo.

If you don’t have your own reference photo then I can be flexible to some extent with the source. Who hasn’t looked at a photo of their car in a car magazine of their car and thought “wow, that looks great, I wish it was my car” – well now you can, it’s copyright dependent but generally you’d be impressed with what’s possible even if I just take the general “stance” of the model and change everything else.

Custom commission, plain background, A2 format unless specified£150
Custom commission, with a background, A2 format unless specified£175
Per additional car or subject (person, animal, light aircraft, etc.)£25 each

Designs are suitable for printing up to A2 which is a standard poster size.

That’s a fairly big size to hang on the wall but please let me know if you have another size or format in mind. Virtually any size practical is possible, including a whole wall !!

I will upload it to the shop so you can view / order it on different products, you could also take up any of the printing / framing options above (the cheaper options).

Discount options for full commission

  1. Are you a member of an owner’s club?
    Or have a friend with the same model of car?

    You could split the cost with them or another club member and I’ll do two separate versions of the same design, but with your two different colour choices and different number plates for the price of one.
  2. Yet another option – if you have a particularly interesting car, a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Facel-Vega, etc. If you think that others may want to get their own print of the car in the future then I can add the design to my shop. If it does prove interesting and sells even one more copy then I’ll refund you half of the commission cost. Bargain !
  3. Perhaps you don’t want a particularly detailed drawing. Sketched versions can look pretty good as well, they look especially good if printing at smaller sizes or for printing onto mugs, cups, notebooks, etc. For a sketched version the design cost is typically 25% less.

Digital rendered style – simple but effective

Digital vector style – stylised Art Deco look poster

Digital vector style, plain white background. Colour, number plate and other details customisable.

Digital photo-realist style.
Highly detailed at this level. This can take quite a while to complete and so could be slightly more expensive.

The airbrushed style of the BMW underneath is a good compromise.

Note this isn’t a photo though, it could actually be re-coloured to your choice and the writing on the side removed, etc.

Digital airbrushed style

This differs slightly from the photographic style of the Porsche above. It has a more graphical look and is a good compromise between a vector and a photographic style. This commission would be the standard pricing above.

Digital, Vector Style, suitable for re-colour and reg plate change. Note the faded body colour background, other backgrounds available.

Another variation of the image above to give an idea with a different background and reg number. (nerd alert) Note also the rear lights swapped around on the green car, the way Lotus built it.

Digital vector style, recolourable and reg plate can be changed.

A bit of a car nerd obsessed with the details such as differences between the model years?

Good… so am I :o)

Digital airbrushed style

This particular one shows some of the adaptions that can be made.

This was a custom design based on a Mazda RX4.

It was lowered, painted and an entirely different rear end with the round lights.

Digital, vector style.

Colour and reg plate change possible.

Digital, vector style.

Background colour change possible, this is in effect the body colour and works very well.

With a bit of work designs could even be modified like this Christmas card.

Note the falling snow, reflections of the trees, reflections of the body colour on the snow, even my name and logo on the side !! These things aren’t just thrown together 😁

Vector style Series One Elise

Side by side against the green Sport 160 version you can see it’s missing the rear spoiler, the wheels are different, for the keen eyed it’s also missing the badge on the side and a bit of wheel arch trim.

Porsche Boxster digital “oil painting”

Parts of cars are just as effective, sometimes even more effective than the whole car. Especially on smaller print sizes. Again this can be re-coloured as required.

Digital “sketched” style

This simplified form looks nice and clean. It is effective for printing at smaller sizes or for mugs / t-shirts, etc.

Cheaper than a fully detailed commission.

Another take on that 911 with some signwriting and a logo on the side. Excellent for tradespeople – every plumber needs a Porsche.

Re-touched photo.

I can also do photo re-touching of your existing pictures. For instance with this the background was removed (including through the windows), numberplate and rear wiper removed, lowered, reflections tidied up.

Painting digitally, as you can see motorbikes are also a possibility…

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Highly recommend this seller – not only for the quality of his art, but also for his professional suggestions and communications. I had a specific purpose in mind when I saw this Stanford print and was able to use the Etsy conversation box to explain my needs. Seller actually took the time to convert this […]

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