Porsche 911R

The 911R is a very unique model.

The ‘73 Carrera RS is regarded by many as the “ultimate” iconic 911 but 6 years prior to that coming out this was created.

Ferdinand Piëch, Ferry Porsche’s 29-year-old nephew wanted to create a super lightweight and set about a Porsche 911S to cut out all unnecessary weight.

The bonnet, doors and wings were made of fibreglass. Plexiglas replaced the glass and metal parts were drilled out.

Even the door handles were replaced by plastic straps and smaller tail-lights fitted.

They reduced it to 800kg and created the lightest factory 911 of all time.

It had lighter and wider wheels for racing, and with the 210hp engine was certainly ready to race.

However, the sales guys at Porsche decided it was a non-starter and would be too expensive to sell the required 500 models. So in total only 20 further models were made making it not only the lightest but also one of the rarest.

I’ve drawn this one digitally, keeping it a simple design as with the original car.

Even with a lottery win I’d never be able to buy one but if I could then I’m sure I’d be able to find some more for that private plate 💰

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