Less is More… it really is…

Here’s a screenshot of an email I’m just reading from Saatchi Art, in their weekly mailing it gives example of Recently Sold.

I’ve noticed this “phenomenon” before on these emails – I’m not passing any judgement or comment on the artwork itself but just pointing out some absolute facts about it.

The pictures on the left are more complex, would’ve taken equal or more planning and undoubtedly taken more time in the execution of the idea.

The pictures on the left are considerably less expensive than those on the right.

Less work, more money.

Here’s another screenshot from the same email.

I know nothing about this artist, I also know nothing about the style of imagery he creates – I am unqualified to pass any judgement at all so I won’t add any comment. But I do have a curiosity about it.

Note the surroundings and equipment, and also notice the artwork. I have no doubt that the photo is staged and not just a random snapshot but even so it’s going to be a representation of this artist’s life and surroundings.

The artwork is “relatively” simple in terms of being coloured geometric patterns.

Sure there may be many weeks of work going into each piece, careful considerations of colour, etc. At least I hope there is… because those pictures are going to have to pay for what looks like a very well lit studio/shop, a very nice tilting professional desk, excellent lighting rigs, no doubt a load of equally fancy art-making equipment out of shot to the left…

Now I hope my commentary doesn’t come across as jealousy because it isn’t at all. I’m happy with my set up in the corner of a spare room, I’ve got all I need to make the art I want to produce right now.

It’s just that after several years I still don’t understand the art world. Not the direction of the artworks which I’ve ceased to try and understand – but the financials…. that’s a whole other level of mystery.

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