Roller for the Jubilee 🫅🏻

In case you’ve been living in a cave and hadn’t heard it’s Jubilee year in the UK

Whilst this car pictured would be regarded as “old” by some and as a “classic” by those who know better, it was brand new several years after Queenie “E” took to the throne. There’s very few people who literally dedicate their whole life to a job, for life.

Hip hip hooray 👑

Now, to this car…. I painted it after my friend Eddie (now a professional car designer) challenged me to make an artwork from this picture, and he also would do the same.

We’ve worked together before where he’s sent me the outlines for an Aston Martin and I’ve painted it from his design.

For this one though, we didn’t compare notes until we’d both finished doing it in our own styles.

Here was his design, beautifully clean lines, instantly recognisable to me as his style.

And here’s my painting, it’s acrylic on A4 size. I decided that for such a regal looking car it needed a regal setting so where better than Buckingham Palace?

And a close up on the car itself…


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