Testarilla – Gorilla with Ferrari Testarossa 🦍

I shall leave the interpretation up to the observer here, is he pondering the state of the world brought on my the cost of human impact, or perhaps he’s just wishing he bought a bigger car… many possibilities.

I picked “Testarilla” rather than “Gorillarossa” because TestaRossa literally means red head, it’s a reference to the red cylinder heads on the car.

So that would sort of mean red gorilla, thus the name I picked doesn’t really mean anything but as least this way round could be gorilla head or similar.

Building up the image, gorilla first just to make sure I could get him looking as I wanted first.

This was painted with charcoal and watercolour, did you know you can push charcoal around and into the page with water? It works but you do still have to seal it to stop if smudging but it makes it a bit more resilient staining the paper.

Mixing paint and charcoal

I have to admit, working out the reflection was particularly tricky…

As you can imagine there was no real “source image” of a gorilla in front of a Ferrari available, so I’ve had to invent most of this and deal with representing the shadows and reflections in perspective.


    • Could be… though neither is ecologically sound but at least if he bought a classic car then the total lifecycle cost is faaaaar more ecological than any electric or hybrid car in production.

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