Purple Testarossa 💜

Pretty much my all time favourite car, even though I know there are better, faster and more reliable cars it’s this 80’s square shoulder pad legend for me.

Once again aiming for the photographic look on this one I fairly closely followed a reference photo. Though I think I’ve done the roofline a little lower but that’s OK, looked better if anything.

The photo realism comes mainly from two points.

Point 1 – the wall, I must admit I didn’t draw – I took a photo of a suitable wall and then fuzzed it up with a blur filter, it was then added as a layer behind my car drawing. I did add it as very VERY subtle reflection on the car, in fact it’s so subtle that I probably needn’t have bothered flipping it and squishing up but there you go, at least I know it’s done.

Point 2 – I added a dramatic blurring to give that depth of field look that you’d get with a camera. I used the blending tool with soft brush in Procreate to do it. See it to low opacity and used a circular motion. Doing more at the further points obviously.

Afterwards I though there’s probably an easier way to do it if I’d split it into several layers and blurred each successively. Will try that next time…

Hope you like it 😉👍

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