Norfolking Mustard

The original Lotus Elise launched in 1996, it was named after Elisa Artioli, the granddaughter of the chairman at the time. She’s was only a toddler then but today is old enough to drive and what does she drive? A series one Elise 😎

Lotus is one of those car manufacturers that in the past has been on the brink of shutting down but there’s no doubt the Elise brought them back from the brink, and then again in later years when GM got involved for the Series Two.

It was fairly revolutionary at the time with the chassis being extruded aluminium and glued together. That might sound a bit slapdash and weak but the tech behind it was holding aeroplanes together travelling at a few hundred mph faster.

The design above is based on my Sport 160 design (the blue one) from a month or so ago but has been modified with the spoiler and badges removed, some trim and the wheels changed to those of the original.

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