Superhero Transport

I saw Deadpool 2 for the first time over the Christmas holidays and was very happy to see his choice of wheels for the chase scene, a beautiful Dragon Red Vespa Primavera.

Why so keen?

Just a few weeks before seeing the film I just happened to buy exactly the same model Vespa in the same colour !!! The only difference I could spot is that in the film version (and I assumed the US version) there are some extra indicators under the handlebars. I omitted these from the painting so he’s riding my version.

I won’t be getting the Deadpool suit to match, or going full Winnie the Pooh any time soon but I might find a sticker to go on it somewhere for “those in the know”.

It’s acrylic on Canson card with a fair bit of varnish.

The varnish increased the contrast nicely off the red of the card. You can tell it’s much thicker over the bike itself here.

In due course I will do a “proper” painting of my Vespa but just had to do this fun one first.


    • Yeah, I’ve had a scooter for the past seven years and some motorbikes prior to that for the two-wheeled entertainment. That was for commuting pre-covid.

      Whilst I had Piaggio’s (the manufacturer of the Vespa) before I’d never had an actual ‘Vespa’ Vespa, if that makes any sense. It’s nearly three times dearer even though it shares much of the same gubbins, if anything my previous “Vespa Fly” was a bit quicker but it’s that unmistakeable style – it’s worth it just for that. And for the features that most public wouldn’t be aware of.

      I’d be slightly worried if I was leaving this at the station all day as my first one was stolen from there, but what with covid lockdowns and working from home is continuing unabated I thought now would be a good time to upgrade with the savings I’ve made on the train fare. In fact less than 6 months train fare covered the difference !!

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