First post of 2022 and you might be glad to see it’s not a car!!! Though fear not fellow petrolheads – there will be more automotive art soon.

This is Maleficent, as played by Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones.

It’s a small acrylic painting, initially I’d intended for it to be a pastel work but as with previous pastel and charcoal drawings on dark backgrounds it just starts to disappear once any sealant or fixative is added.

As it is essential to seal it if it’s not being framed instantly this is quite disappointing. I’ve started another pastel one since on coloured card and sprayed it early on just to see what happened. The lighter tones disappeared almost entirely so, as with this one I’ve painted over it in acrylic.

With this in mind I’m not going to do another pastel work unless it’s on white from now on. It’s worked better on light brown paper (Harley from last year) but even that wasn’t as planned in my mind’s eye. Sealant darkens the colours so it’ll just add contrast on a white base.

Anyways, back to this, as mentioned it’s quite small so not much opportunity for detail which is a blessing and a curse.

Here’s a better look at the details.

And here are a couple of progress shots.

As you can see I didn’t see much point in adding a lot of detail to the under-drawing. Was just a case of getting the proportions in.

And a slightly spooky look without eye colour.


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