BMW drawing process and wrapping up 2021

I was going to do an end of year post, a kind of “best of” but as art is in the eye of the beholder who am I to determine what I’ve done best over the year?

So here is a selection- not necessarily the “best of” but more a “stuff I did”…

One thing is for sure, 2021 has been pretty much cars, cars, cars and more cars. I make no apology for it as I’m a petrolhead through and through so it will always be a major part of art I make.

Concentrating more on the subject of cars this year has proven beneficial in developing that skill set.

However it’s not all of what I’m about so you may be glad to hear that 2022 will feature more animals and the occasional human portrait as well. I might even throw in a landscape for balance 😂

Now, back to the cars for one last time this year… this is a BMW drawn in Procreate on the iPad. I completed it a few weeks back but didn’t want to post previously as a it was a Christmas present.

I’ve captured the drawing process in the video below. This was a different approach, I almost said “different to usual” but I don’t have a “usual”.

Each one so far has had a slightly different method. However for this one it was significantly different from others in that I was using the body colour to paint with, usually I have the colour and shading as separate layers.

And the finished article (one of… see underneath)

And some close-ups, I was particularly happy with how the wheels and brakes turned out – my least favourite part to draw.

Above I mentioned “one of” as the finished article.

This is a bit of an issue I’m finding with the digital drawings in comparison with painting.

Knowing when to stop is an essential art skill. I haven’t got it right yet but I’ve got better at it, however it is so much easier to know when to stop when you’ve got a paintbrush in your hand as compared to an iPencil.

There isn’t a “final cut” version with digital as you can always go back and fiddle with it, change a colour you didn’t like, modify the wheels a bit, tint the windows, place the car in a background landscape. It just goes on forever sucking up time if you let it. Whilst I’m still keen on the digital drawing you may well see more analogue next year so I can get more finished stuff done 😁

This wraps up 2021 on this blog then – in terms of artwork I hope you’ve seen some stuff you like.

The art skill development continues on into 2022 – and if you’re not creating art yourself currently then I encourage you to give it a try. If you don’t have artistic talent then you can develop artistic skill, you really can…

I will need to check back to confirm the exact date but I think 2022 will mark a decade since I had a notion of trying to draw something. I didn’t even doodle back then, I had no skill or even a particular interest in trying it, so the fact I’m now painting recognisable objects means I need to remind myself of that fact and now is as good a time as any to reflect.

Wishing you all the best, good health and happiness for the new year.


  1. You’ve been busy! What a great selection. The animal portraits were really special so I’m glad there are more to come. Funny you mention the “cars cars cars” theme – and yes, keep ’em coming! – I realised recently, not a single windmill from me in 2021. The shock of it!!!

    Best wishes back at you sir, looking forward to more 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      • Haha, “Don Quixote and windmills” was an answer on Only Connect the other day – that’s when it struck me! The years have indeed blended together, hopefully 2022 will break out of the sludge.

        Liked by 1 person

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