Chasing Sunsets

Well this is a bit embarrassing, I painted this back in April but failed to post it up !!

It was only because I was looking for this picture and couldn’t find it that I realised it wasn’t here that jogged my memory. I wonder how many other masterpieces are hidden away in the cupboard which haven’t seen the light of day due to my senility 🤔

It’s a watercolour on A4 thick card.

The inspiration came from my trips to Le Mans, I would love to go back again some day. Preferably when the sun is guaranteed and I can watch it set over the track and rise the next day with the cars still buzzing round.

As you can see, these cars are more the classic style.

I haven’t been to the Le Mans Classic which is a different weekend to the main gig, perhaps that should be my next goal as a more civilised affair.

Plus with my ancient brain I’m clearly an oily old classic as well so would fit right in.

Framed mock-up


  1. “Oily old classic” sounds okay to me, Steve!

    The light is very pretty. The setting and cars have made me think of Gran Turismo, which was fun to prat about in on the PS2.

    Not sure if I’ve forgotten to post a piece, but there have been plenty I’ve discarded and then rediscovered months (or even years) later and decided to put up anyway. My standards must be slipping!

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    • Gran Turismo was the sole reason I bought the PS2. I used to be fanatical about that game, did more than just a few all-nighters when in competition with a friend. This was a few years before online gaming so we’d be comparing which championships we’d completed.

      I don’t think it was until later versions on the PS3 that they introduced the Le Mans course.

      This painting was based on a combination of my photos, my brain (when I had one) and the Steve McQueen film.

      It’s good to have lower standards and aim for them 😁👍

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      • Aha nice! I believe our PS2 came with GT3 and a steering wheel. Good times. I was hopeless, especially using the wheel, but remember being blown away by the graphics.

        Haha yes maybe that’s something for me to take into next year – aim high but don’t be ridiculous.

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