Lotus Elise Sport 160

Lotus Elise Sport 160

I can tell you a lot about this model of car, in fact I could bore the socks off most people as this was my own car for 7 years. The longest I’ve ever owned a car, usually it’s 3 years max.

The Sport 160 was towards the end of the S1 Elise run and the ultimate of their Sport versions for the road. The only one more powerful was the Sport 190 track model.

Lotus tuned the engine using fairly old fashioned traditional methods and gave these models a unique lumpy idle, you could tell this was something special before even driving off.

Mine was quite rare as one of only fifty SVA models and only one of three in this colour!

Lotus went on to make a few hundred more ‘WVTA’ Sport 160 models and I had one of those too, the SVA was the full fat daddy though.

In common with my other digital designs I can do re-colouring on this one.

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