This idea came about through a failed experiment really.

I took one of my drawings and glued it (Mod Podge) to a cardboard backing with the intention of then painting over it in acrylic. Just to do some acrylic portrait practice and to save the initial marking up involved. I also wanted to extend the image over to the right a bit more, I couldn’t find the reference photo so would have to make that up.

The original paper would just buckle up under the paint so no point trying that hence fixing it to something more sturdy.

It went down well enough, a smooth coating and the paper laid flat over the card. Unfortunately as it dried the cardboard curled at the top and bottom edges causing the paper to ripple up being that bit thinner.

After it had dried I compressed it under a flat surface with weight on top though I’d given up on that idea by that time and tried this instead.

I’d taken a photo of the original drawing and imported into procreate to try some digital oil painting instead. The results of which can be seen here.

Here is a time-lapse of the virtual “brush strokes”.

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