Striving for Realism

Going for realism isn’t usually my goal when creating art generally, for the most part I’d like it to look a bit more spontaneous, alive and well… rough.

This one however was an exception.

My aim with this drawing was to do whatever I can* to make it look realistic with the notion that from that point I can then hopefully learn lessons along the way. And also learn how to manipulate those tools later on to control special effects or adapt to suit whatever creative “bent” takes my fancy. After all, Picasso started off with some truly beautiful realistic portraits before he started sticking noses coming out the side of heads.

This was drawn with Procreate and is completely digital from start to finish, including the initial sketches.

Now you may think “ah well, it’s easier with digital” and you’d be right in terms of colour mixing and blending, but it takes me at least twice as long and potentially 3-4 times longer than if I’d painted it with the wet stuff.

I doubt I could recreate this on canvas but there are more similarities than you might expect. Procreate has layers, well so do my paintings, it’s very rare that you’ll see an area on my painting that hasn’t got another layer or two underneath.

The one big thing though of course is the Undo function. You don’t have an Undo when the brush splatters the wrong colour or goes in the wrong place. And as mentioned above * do whatever I can – so I did use the Undo, I played around with filters, I used various brushes (I haven’t delved into the world of custom brushes yet) and created several different versions before I was happy with this one. It still isn’t finished though, expect this car in another guise at some point…

Sketching up
Finessing the lines and adding some detail areas. Then rough-shading for the shadows.
A significant time later with the digital airbrush
Wheel and brake details, the colour is a separate layer so I can repaint the car quickly,
Those door shading and reflections took aaaages. Very happy with the mirror.
On the real car there’s a circular cut-out here. An ideal spot for my logo ๐Ÿ™‚
The “almost” finished article with a bit of background effect and ground shadow.

In case you’re wondering, the car is a 2018 Porsche 911 Turbo S.

Whilst everything you see was drawn I used several photo references to keep an eye on the details, proportions, etc.

I also decided to add the “turbo S” script up the side and also optioned the glass roof for myself, it’s my car and the (virtual) cost was reasonable. The colour was my own choosing as well – I doubt Porsche have that as a colour option, just be thankful it’s not another purple one. It was for a while… just can’t resist trying it ๐Ÿ˜Š

It wasn’t their most sporting model of the 991 generation cars but for me unless you’re going on track then this was the best road version they made. Evo magazine recorded 0-60 in 2.6 seconds and it has a 205 mph top speed. It’s a four-seater and even has very good luggage space !!

If anyone out there wants to swap a real one for a painting let me know, I’m very much up for that ๐Ÿ˜Ž


  1. Most impressive, Steve, the attention to detail is crazy (as always)! If Procreate is anything like Photoshop then custom brushes are lots of fun to experiment with, so worth a look someday if you fancy a different finish or texture.

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    • It actually is like Photoshop but if anything I think better. It’s been a few years since i used PS as it was just too expensive but I don’t remember it being this friendly to use.

      In fact, I only bought an iPad the year before last because of Procreate. I don’t like the Apple ecosystem but it’s the only supported platform.

      I’d say there’s probably more attention to the shading than lots of details. I could probably add more as I have skipped over a fair bit but unless it was printed at massive poster size that’d go unnoticed.

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      • Yeah, I’ve heard good things about Procreate before, it’s a shame that it’s iPad exclusive. I’m at home in PS now but remember being daunted at first. Luckily my college courses revolved around it so I kind of had to get to grips with it.

        Looking forward to more!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t use the iPad for anything else, though I did try a bit of home video editing for those Youtube vids and seems quite accomplished at that.

        There will be more digital stuff coming up shortly as I’ve got quite a few 80%’ers waiting to be finished. I started this Porsche back in the summer for instance….

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