Tricolore Testarossas

I finished this a couple of weeks ago but hesitated to include it.

The reason is that whilst I like the idea behind it (I should hope so, it’s my idea πŸ˜‰) I’m not 100% happy with the execution of it. That’s saying nothing new as I have still to produce that elusive 100% painting as yet.

This is watercolour at A3 size. Pretty much as soon as I’d started I thought I’d have preferred to do it double that size to get in some more detail. At that point I should’ve quit and started again but you know how it is when you’ve already put in 2-3 hours on something… google Sunk Cost Fallacy – it’s worth knowing about…

The good folks of t’internet seemed to like it as is, so perhaps I’m just being too critical. I’m quite busy at the moment so haven’t got time to do anything about it anyway but in the New Year I might take another look at this one and see about making some alterations. Options are limited with watercolour but not always impossible…


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