Lancia Delta Acrylic A2

This has been keeping me busy for the past few weeks.

I’ve only done one other A2 size painting before and that was a lot less detailed. This was a pleasure to paint though at some points frustrating due to lack of the appropriate skill to achieve certain aspects of it – it’s all a learning process though as usual so overall I’m happy with the outcome.

In terms of the car itself, why this Lancia ? It’s because I actually went to buy one many years ago in this colour. The dealer couldn’t get it running so I took that as a sign I should avoid. I ended up buying a BMW E30 M3 which is a bit of an icon these days so it didn’t turn out all bad.

I can’t afford either of those cars today (wish I hadn’t sold) so will have content myself with this for the garage instead and wonder “what if…”

Zoomed in a bit, chopping off the “painterly edges” and more likely how it’ll appear once framed.

Here are some of the work in progress shots…

Deciding to add a background which was a bit of a flippant decision on the basis it added a few days extra work. As it happens I probably enjoyed this bit equally as much as the car.

I’ve even made a video to focus on some of the details !!


    • Thank you.

      There’s a trend for plain white backgrounds and I do like the look, but for this I figured the addition of this background would work. I deliberately did it more in the watercolour faded style but it is all acrylic.

      At the end I added three layers of varnish over just the car to increase the colour contrast even further.

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      • The background is just excellent, and reminds me of some of the artwork in the 70s and 80s die cast car catalogues I’ve archived here, when the artist would add backgrounds and landscapes.

        I worked with acrylic paints years ago, and they’re a versatile paint I enjoyed using for either detailed art or chunky abstracts.
        Was never much good at road vehicles though, sci-fi vehicles better, so bravo for your style and details, not an easy subject is the humble car!

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      • Yeah, I’m enjoying learning the acrylics, I hadn’t used it until last year – for some reason I thought it was spirit based paint and couldn’t be bothered with mucking about with all that.

        When I discovered acrylic was water-based but then waterproof when dry I bought some immediately. Haven’t mastered blending yet but getting in the practice.


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