Westfield SE

A3 watercolour of my first sports car, and my first major project with a car as this is one I built myself.

I started building this car in my teens – whilst most were into hot hatches I preferred classics, hot rods and most of all sportscars.

You may think it looks like a Caterham/Lotus 7…  Westfield had just been taken to court for producing a kit very close to the Caterham. After the court case they were known as pre-lit and post-lit cars, mine was the latter.

It had a 1700cc Ford X-Flow, twin Weber carbs, gas-flowed head and a Cherry Bomb exhaust.  I actually used it all year including through a winter!!

I’ve included the reference photo here…

As you can see I’ve painted it without the side screens which is how I drove it more often than not – avoiding puddles became a valuable skill 😂

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