Tamiya Hornet A4 Acrylic Painting

This is almost certainly whereabouts my car obsession started. As a boy, rather than spending my pocket money on sweets I’d save up for my favourite car magazine.

My dad bought a joint present for my brother and I, a Tamiya Grasshopper – a radio controlled car which you constructed yourself. It was a great education to see how things like suspension, differentials, etc. went together and worked.

However, as it was a joint present it wasn’t long before I was itching to get hold of one of my own rather than a shared car. Something I could build and customise without annoying my dad or brother. It came in the shape of this, the Tamiya Hornet.

It wasn’t long before I went onto adding more batteries, bigger motors, better suspension and speed controllers. Happy days and the first car I actually “drove”, ok so I wasn’t behind the wheel but the imagination at that age puts you right there.

Tricky adding any detail at this small scale.


  1. An excellent acrylic, and works so well as the painting is based on a toy rather than a real car. As a kid I had a couple of pre-built Nikkos which were fun, but I know Tamiya was a good name too. Must have been a thrill to not only build your own car, but then race it (and now you get to paint portraits of them, cool!).
    My other site thevintagetoyadvertiser.org has quite a few model ads for Monogram, AMC, Nikko and other kits.
    – Ford

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    • Many thanks for your compliments.

      Yeah, I think I also had a Nikko jeep, complete with driver. The Tamiya was the “real deal” however, or at least a stepping stone to the real deal of spending more money. After this I moved onto Mardave ministocks, that was more for flat surface racing due to the foam tyres but really despite the extra expense it wasn’t necessarily any more fun. In adult life I’ve found the same theory to be true with the 1:1 scale toys as well 😊

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