Yamaha RXS-100 Painting

This was my first motorbike, painted with watercolour.

As to the bike, I’ve ridden far more powerful and exciting bikes but for some reason the adventures on this one are more memorable.

Perhaps it’s because it’s the first taste of freedom on two wheels. Oddly enough it wasn’t my first taste of freedom of the open road as I already had a car license.

And for some reason I can’t now remember I bought this little 100cc 2-stroke after I had my full license, I could have bought a 1,000cc race weapon but chose this instead – it’s so long ago I can’t remember even buying or selling it!! But I do fondly remember those journeys on it.

Sketching out, note the ‘lost lines’ where it’s white on white
Starting to paint in some of the greys
Colour peeking though the strong shadows
Ready to be framed for my gallery on the garage wall

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