Jaguar XJR-9

Jaguar XJR-9

This was one of TWR’s creations from 1988 and was powered by a Jaguar 7.0-litre V12 engine with 750hp and only 880kg. With the full downforce, slicks and wings package it must’ve really been a monster to handle for one lap let alone 24 hours !!

It was built for 24 hour endurance racing, namely Daytona and Le Mans. 22 years later it won the Le Mans Légende race in 2010.

They would usually have had tobacco sponsorship from Silk Cut but my version is with non-cancer inducing livery, but keeping the colour scheme intact.

As usual, starting out with a sketch.
I’d intended the design to be in the vector style
Building up the lines
Adding colour
Purple, gold and white
…which was abandoned entirely as I then decided to do it in an oil painting style…
A close up showing the paint strokes
My signature in the bottom right corner
An alternate version with a darker background. For the final version background I’d used colours from the painting, such as the gold stripes to make it more coherent.

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