Ferrari 458 Italia in acrylic

Yet another purple car, yep – that’s certainly my favourite colour so it appealed to me to go for this rather than the traditional red you’d see on a prancing horse car.

It’s not even a year since my very first acrylic painting so I’m quite happy with the end result.

I painted it on a canvas board, it’s 12″ x 10″ and I’d prepped it with an off white colour. The idea being that I could use the purer white for the lighting highlights.

The advantage with the acrylic over my usual watercolour is that you can go with light over dark, as watercolour you work from light to dark without any going back (there are a few tricks).

Initially I’d done the rear panel much darker and it actually looked black in the photos. With the acrylic I could luckily re-do it with the lighter purple.

I was undecided whether or not to have a background but I think it works well with the plain background.

For the shop photos I spent a little while working on a mock-up so I could re-use it for when I advertise future paintings as well. Note the effect of the glass reflection, makes it look more realistically framed than just sticking the image in a square 😁

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