Pastel Cavvy

This is Harley, a Blenheim coloured King Charles Cavalier.

He’s appeared as an artwork before as he’s our dog, this is the first time in pastel though.

In fact I’ve hardly used my pastels at all since getting them a couple of years ago so I’m pretty sure it’s actually the first pastel furry animal I’ve drawn! So far all I can remember drawing is a bird copied from YouTube and a small drawing of Neil Armstrong.

Whilst I do like drawing with pastel and charcoal I find that the need to apply fixative a bit annoying. It still remains very delicate to smudging afterwards and I think it dulls the picture a bit. At least on this brown paper at least, which I admit isn’t ‘the right stuff’.

Here’s a couple of process shots, the eyeless one is a bit spooky.

I’d usually start with the eyes but for this I knew I’d need to leave any detail work until the end so I tested out the technique on the nose first to see how it was going to work out. Less to go wrong 😉


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