Happy Careful Christmas ☃️

🎄 Wishing you all a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS 🎅

However, please please please think carefully about your Christmas plans if you’re intending to visit friends and family.

Covid-19 won’t be taking any time off for Christmas and it will just love the extra opportunity to spread itself far and wide.

Consider how many other people you’ve been mixing with, and then how many they’ve been mixing with, etc. Ignore the fact that everyone may be “feeling alright” – that is covid’s secret weapon. If there were puffs of green covid smoke or if everyone experienced flu-like symptoms then it wouldn’t have gotten such a grip around the throat of humanity.

It’s cruel and harsh when it’s so easy to think you’d be able ease loneliness and it’d be great to try to maintain normality. But this isn’t normal. To my mind, it’s better to suffer a bit of loneliness and isolation for a short while of a few weeks or months than suffer and die which is generally permanent.

I pray and wish us all as a species a swift remedy with more vaccines coming up in 2021 but the one thing we can do right now is to wear that mask properly over mouth and nose, keep a safe distance and wash those hands. It’s easy to do but also easy to forget, don’t be a spreader !!

Best wishes and keep safe


  1. Wise words from Frosty there, Steve – sacrifices are hard to take but it’s the only way and I hope people remember that. When we can all be together again it’ll be all the more special.

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