Got me a drawing… it’s as big as a WHALE

If you’ve been following this site for a while you may recognise this drawing/painting from Inktober 2018, the prompt word for the drawing was WHALE but to my petrol-head mind it just made me think of this classic rather than the obvious sea creature…

When posting up that image I had a couple of queries if I can make prints of it, as it was just a small page in the sketchbook then it wasn’t possible.

For some reason I had another couple of queries on it recently, not sure how they even found it as it’s two years old but find it they did… I figured it would be worthwhile re-drawing it but at a scale that could be printed on a large scale printer.

This is the new version, as you can see I’ve kept it much the same but tarted up the text and made it so that I can have different colours.

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