Harley Davidson Inked

For this drawing I based it on a Harley Davison advert.

I think they’ve been quite clever about this, usually there are copyright issues and suchlike but they’ve been publishing adverts as public domain imagery.

It wouldn’t worry me anyway as this isn’t for sale, it’s just a sketch and as far as I’m concerned no-one can stop you sketching whatever you want, copyright or not.

But potentially you could make a product from the image and sell it, and H-D would be totally fine with it. I think it makes sense from their point of view as it just gets more exposure of their product, so why not? It’s not like they’ll lose sales if someone makes a poster, they can only gain sales.

Anyway, enough of that, here’s the image I copied…
Take note that it’s taken with a short focal length, meaning that it has a semi-fisheye look. Check out the shape of that front wheel, it’s definitely not round and the whole front of the bike in fact is out of scale being closer to the edge of the image.

I wanted to draw the bike and rider as full frame on my page. If I’d just copied the dimensions as-is then it would look very weird. But also it’s not worth spending many hours trying to get the dimensions accurate for a sketchbook entry.

From the engine backwards it’s pretty much as per the source image, forwards from that I had to make some judgement calls to try and “normalise” it. It took a few goes with the pencil drawing underneath before I was happy with the proportions. It’s still not perfect but it’s good enough.

Here are some of the progress shots, as I’ve done before I’ve dotted out an outline. There’s no erasing with ink so this was really as a note to myself so I don’t hatch lines into an area that should remain white.

As you can see, I was working from left to right. If you don’t know why… it’s because I’m right-handed and it saves smudging the ink as I go.

And here’s the finished sketch. Looking at it now I may have overcompensated for the previously drastically distorted front wheel on the original but I’m happy enough with it, it’s OK for a fountain pen drawing.

Just by chance it happened to be on the next page after my Joker drawing, it wasn’t until I was taking the picture that I realised “Aha!! Joker and Harley” – even though it is a Harley Davidson rather than a Harley Quinn 😄😄


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