An Artist’s Reminder

In these modern times of social media “likes”, “comments” and “followers” it’s very easy to get caught up in the game of questioning why certain artworks seem to pull in the likes and others don’t.

I’m old enough to realise that it often defies logic and is more likely to be a reflection of a computer algorithm which has changed rather than anything else. It also doesn’t matter how good an artist you are, the fact is that the finest masterpiece will always lose the insta-like war against a selfie posed whilst wearing a provocative bikini. That’s the internet for you…

It’s certainly not a new phenomenon. I’ve never exhibited artworks and I’m never likely to, but I have heard stories from those that do where they’ve had the public cooing over quick sketches and passing by their 20 hour paintings with a mere “hmmm… that’s quite nice”.

For me, the best reward is when you hear back from someone who has bought one of your paintings. About half the time I don’t get any feedback, the painting is shipped off to another part of the world and that’s the last I hear about it, even if I’ve asked the question.

And then sometimes you have a situation like this that occurred recently for the painting below.

For me, this painting brought back a memory of doing a sketch whilst picnicking in Greenwich Park listening to a band entertaining those all around. It was a lovely sunny day and quite a treat to just chill out.

That was before. Now I’ve been given another memory which will be forever associated with this painting, one provided by the buyer. I found it really touching and when you read it I’m sure you’ll see why I don’t need to add any further commentary other than to re-iterate the notion that whilst we artists create, it’s up to the observer to interpret. Rather than paraphrase he’s kindly given me permission to quote directly;

Thank you so much for your message. The picture is lovely. Honestly – I came across it when I was looking for something to remind me of my late brother who passed last month and we always used to meet there, so I was so happy when I came across the picture! So I promise it will be displayed prominently in our home.

Greenwich Bandstand in Ink and Watercolour

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