Good night Mr Bond

Whilst I know that Sean Connery was keen to move on from his role of James Bond but for me he will be indelibly etched into my brain as that character from Dr No onwards.

Whenever I’ve read these books I’ve always had Sean’s version in my mind’s eye.

RIP Sean Connery, as you only live twice I wish you all the best in your next chapter
Born: 25 August 1930, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh
Died: 31 October 2020, Nassau, The Bahamas


  1. Nice tribute Steve, much better than the paper article I saw who went with “Nobody Did it Better”.

    Criminally, I don’t think I’ve seen all of his Bond films. I was shocked to read he did seven – I must have only seen half of them. Will have to see to that.

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      • Moore was my first Bond (A View to A Kill on ITV, circa 1999, they did a ’00-heaven’ series that summer I believe) so there’s a sentimental value there. I’ve seen all of his several times, except for The Man With The Golden Gun, which I think is meant to be one of the worst? But I can totally get why Connery is the definitive Bond for so many. Don’t think I’ve seen any since The World is Not Enough, so I can’t comment on Mr Craig.

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  2. My dad was my first Bond, only because he was a big fan and used to go around quoting lines from Sean’s films. Probably my brain associated the early memory of a hairy-chested bloke quoting the correct temperature for a Dom Perignon ’53.


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