Purple Ink Porsche

As you can see from the above, I’d picked another two of my previous artworks to re-do with the ink. It made sense to paint the bodywork colour on both at the same time whilst I had the pot open and the brush wet 🙂

Partly as a time-saver to not have to come up with another design but also because I was interested to see how they’d come out with the ink.

Neither of the originals were exactly as I’d wanted, but then again that’s not saying much as I’ve probably only managed 3-4 pictures out of the hundreds I’ve done that have come out as I’d imagined in my head.

I used pens for the grilles to ensure I didn’t mess up the finer lines with the brush. There’s only one chance to get it right with ink !!!
Finishing off the Porsche. There was quite a shine from the large black section with the Indian ink which I wanted to dull down a bit. I mixed up some more of the ink with water and a bit of black acrylic paint. It didn’t really mix that well but it did do the trick of dulling down that area.
A comparison of the new inked version on the left and my original acrylic painting on the right.

The acrylic one was painted on a piece of silvered card so there’s a depth to the bodywork which you’d never be able to capture on a photo.

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