Indigo Ferrari 275GTB/4

Here’s one of my all time favourite car designs. It’s from Pininfarina’s catalogue of work for Ferrari and is hard to pick between this and the 250 – most would vote 250 but I find this more subtle, a touch more class maybe…

The painted version was done on A4 size.

It actually started life on an A3 sheet and a totally different painting – but something went wrong on that (can’t remember what) so I decided to slice it down to half size (A4) and use the good bit. Saves wasting the expensive stuff 😉

That also explains why it’s framed differently in these pictures. I was still deciding on my favourite composition, I ended up chopping off most of the shadow and including more of the background.

As you can see, the details coming together. Basic shading in places, interior details going in.

It was just a case of continual refinement and adding detail as appropriate.

The lighting is different between the photos due to time of day and weather. I’ll get a more accurate representation before adding it to the shop for sale.

Talking of which, I’ve been thinking about the best way to offer any original paintings first and foremost to my subscribers.

I’ve thought of various ways I could do it but don’t want to start spamming anyone. I’ve also considered adding a ‘subscribers only’ page on this website.

However I think for now just the mere fact that I’m quite slow to get paintings listed on Etsy and eBay is probably advantage enough to any subscribers who want ‘first dibs’

If there’s anything you see here you’re interested in just let me know. In addition to being able to buy before Joe Public you’ll also get preferential pricing as there’s less cost involved which I’d pass on directly to you.

Thanks for looking, I’m into the next painting and it’s even more Italian supercars so I hope you’re not bored of them 😁


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