Sunny Yellow Triumph TR7

Triumph TR7 in bright, sunny yellow.

This is another car from my past collection.

The TR7 was built by British Leyland in the late 70’s / early 80’s under the Triumph name which they owned, along with most of the names of the past from the failed British car industry.  It was the same company that built my Triumph Dolomite previously featured (blue car if you click on that post).

Mine was bought as a non-runner, in fact it didn’t have an engine or gearbox!!

Getting towed back from the scrapyard where I bought it from was a harrowing experience as the propshaft was flailing around a bit just inches from my left leg and visible from the hole where a gearstick should be. Although it was tethered so not to move about much it was scary even at 10mph.  It didn’t matter to me as to the lack of engine as I’d planned on fitting a V8 as with the TR8 models.

Youthful exuberance had to finally give way to the realities of no garage, having it parked in my mum’s garden and not much money or progress being made so the car ended up being broken up for parts. It never did end up looking quite as good as my drawing.

In terms of the artwork, I’ve improved my process a little, getting better lines where I want them but I’ve still got a way to go in terms of speed. It’s still taking me far longer than it should, to some degree that’s due to adding too much detail even though it’s still a simpler representation.

Still working on the simplification, and also I’d like to add some more creative flair here so there will likely be a version two of this on the way. And with my process at least I’ll be able to offer prints / posters for TR7 fans – as before in any colour and with some small degrees of customisation.

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