When somebody loved me

Jessie, acrylic on A5

When somebody loved me, everything was beautiful
Every hour we spent together, lives within my heart.

And when she was sad, I was there to dry her tears
And when she was happy, so was I, when she loved me.

Through the summer and the fall, we had each other, that was all
Just she and I together, like it was meant to be
And when she was lonely, I was there to comfort her
And I knew that she loved me.

So the years went by, I stayed the same
But she began to drift away, I was left alone
Still I waited for the day, when she’d say “I will always love you.”

Lonely and forgotten, never thought she’d look my way,
And she smiled at me and held me, just like she used to do,
Like she loved me, when she loved me

When somebody loved me, everything was beautiful,
Every hour we spent together, lives within my heart
When she loved me.

Songwriters: Randy Newman

© Universal Music Publishing Group


    • Wow! Thank you for the generous comment Marissa, very kind.

      I’m not selling prints of it in because;
      (a) I don’t consider it to be good enough generally
      (b) because of the copyright, I have done and will do more Disney paintings but can’t really sell prints of them

      That said, I’d be happy to organise something for you on a not-for-profit, artist-to-artist basis if you’d like? I think you’re based in the US aren’t you? I have a setup with a print shop there so should be able to do something. If you can email me with a size you’re interested in I’ll see what I can do, one thing I would say is that the original is quite small so it’d be best to stick to a similar size.

      Thanks again, Steve 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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