Rossi The Doctor #46

This is the first A3 watercolour since painting Harley Quinn last year. I find that I’m still picking up the smaller A4 size to work with generally even though realistically it doesn’t take that much longer to go bigger and provides there opportunity for more detail as with this one.

I had a picture in my mind of how I wanted this to look, with the cornering g-force pulling the paint across the canvas. So this needed a bit of planning as I wanted to do detail, and also loose dropping in of the same colour. Added to which I wanted to do the two colours merging. As it was watercolour I just had to make sure I mixed up enough as then I could re-wet it later for the detail.

The first stage here then, dropping in a lot of wet paint for this effect… 🩸💦

Then skipping forward to the tiny brush for these details on the suit and helmet 👨🏻‍🎨

Rossi’s helmet has airbrushed paint so I tried to replicate it by painting up the edges normally and then going over with a thin wet brush pulling the colours across.

Then adding more detail, noting the reflections from the red and white kerbing.

The finished article, an artistic representation from an inspirational shot of ‘The Doctor’ at work.

Hope you like it, I’m not too sure that others will appreciate the paint run off effect so when it comes to producing prints I might do a version with that photoshopped out.


  1. Hey Steve – I just saw an email you sent out to past commenters and art-purchasers. Really sorry to hear about the subscriber loss when you switched hosting providers…man, I didn’t know that was even a risk to consider. I’m with on my main site, but I have another through bluehost, so definitely a good thing to remember if I ever think about switching. Do you know if it’s a common thing or just a rare unfortunate fluke?

    Interestingly enough, when I clicked to check the current site, it appears that I didn’t lose my subscription. I’m not really sure why that is, but it does still show me as “following”

    And more on topic here – great piece here. I love the way watercolor looks, and this one is excellent. You always seem to have a knack for vehicles, definitely came through here too.

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    • Many thanks Jon.

      What happened is that I switched from to a self-hosted version of WP last year, the intention was to create the shop and some improved galleries, which I did though of course there’s costs associated with doing that. Followers were supposed to be transferred over as well as the content but they couldn’t make that happen for some reason.

      In that 14 month experiment I sold the grand total of one picture (thanks Mike) so I had to call it a day. When running a site costs more in time and lots more in money than your art then it’s game over really. I know that I could’ve done more in terms of marketing to generate the money to pay for the site but then I’m sacrificing time for what I really want to be doing – making art !!

      And onto the art, which is why we’re here… as a lifelong petrolhead I’d much rather be painting vehicles than landscapes. Wheels are my nemesis for some reason, happily this picture avoided that challenge 😉

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      • It really is a bummer. Hopefully most of the previous folks will make their way over time. You’re right about the extra maintenance though with self-hosted solutions. The cost savings are compelling, but having to troubleshoot yourself and navigate hiccups add another level to it.

        By the way, this is a random question but…how do you get such excellent renditions of your art in your posts? I thought maybe the final version was a scan, but then your in progress images look great too and I can see a hand. I always struggle to depict the paper’s white tones and natural/real looking colors generally. Just curious if you had any equipment or technique recommendations.

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      • No special technique as such, photos generally with an iPhone and then I tend to adjust the brightness down and the contrast up a few percent to make it look more like what I’m seeing.

        I avoid any filters unless it was a deliberate part of a digital work. Definitely none of the auto adjusters, HDR or colour filters as they all just look fake to me.

        The final picture was a size reduced version of what will be the print version to go in my Etsy shop. The original file is very high resolution, even as a job it’s still around 43mb.

        At the moment the natural light on a cloudy day is good in the UK though was ever here it’s variable. Non cloudy days aren’t the best and of course when it’s winter then all of my art time is in the dark so then I have to look at the white balance to correct the unnatural light sources.

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      • I probably need to experiment a bit more with different things. I even bought a light box to see if that will make a difference – I haven’t tried it yet, but I hope it helps a bit. I just can’t get rid of those yellow hues sometimes, man (is it fair of me to blame Samsung for my phones photos?)

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  2. Thanks for the e-mail, Steve, and sorry to hear of yet another gremlin. I’m following again, of course.

    Great watercolour here. I always enjoy how complete you are with these intricate racing suits – all the logos and symbols. Fab helmet, too!

    It’s been a while, too. Hope everything is okay with you 💜 Keep up the awesome work!

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    • Thank you Jacob – yes these tech gremlins are sent to try us but not worth getting too stressed about in the grand scheme of things.

      Here’s a secret on those logos, I missed a few – and my logo is also hidden away in a few places. Ah those glory days when I could afford to sponsor Moto GP riders 😁

      Many thanks for your continued support.

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  3. “The paint run off effect..” Are you referring to the red and yellow thing on the upper left corner? I think that gives a sense of ‘balance’—in more ways than one (to the picture itself, velocity/centrifugal-wise etc) But of course that’s just me. 🙂

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    • Thank you very much, yes that’s the run-off I mentioned.

      I should experiment more – a quick scan of Instagram will show lots of artists chasing (and achieving) realism but it’s almost to the point where if you can’t tell the difference from a photo then weren’t you better off with the photo itself? I much prefer to follow a more creative path with some “value-add” on my part.

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