Giallo Lamborghini Miura

The most beautiful vehicle produced by the tractor manufacturer Lamborghini. Certainly this is no agricultural vehicle – many consider it to be the most beautiful car in the world so it seemed a good one to try as my 2nd acrylic car painting.

Rough sketch with some notes on the planned shading

This relatively small (A4) painting is really a tester for myself, trying out different techniques though I’m happy with the end result. Happy enough at least to have added it into the shop in case anyone else wanted it, can’t keep hording these paintings… 🙂

Blocking out some of the background for the wheels and lights

I’ll be doing a series of these smaller paintings before moving on to doubling the size to allow for more detail.

Adding detail, next step to add some shading for the body

I’ve already started on the next two I have in mind; a Ferrari in purple and a Ford in blue, similar to the Gulf colour if you’re familiar with Le Mans. Watch this space…

The finished article

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