The Widowmaker 911

Porsche 930 Turbo, aka The Widowmaker.

Roughing in the first layers of lighting

This was painted with acrylic on A3 black card, something I couldn’t have done previously with the watercolour 🎨

It’s a follow up to the pastel and ink version immediately preceding this post.

This version of the 911 Turbo was the fastest at the time and built to take the fight to Ferrari and Lamborghini.

The brand new version, the 992 Turbo, continues with the same goal and calling into question how much power is actually needed for a road car, it may well be the best sports car yet. One of those will be on the easel at some point 😁

This was another significant step forward into the world of acrylic paint, I think it’s only my 3rd?

I’m still trying to treat it as a watercolour medium to some extent, the next one should be more traditional solid colours rather than transparent layers.

Happy with it though, not perfect but better than I expected. This is available to buy in my Etsy shop, I’ll be back to hoarding them again otherwise!!

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