Bad Boy Porsche

If there are any Porsche nerds out there reading this, then yes, this isn’t the model featured in the film Bad Boys – that’s a 964 whereas this was supposed to be a 930 Turbo.

Have to be keen eyed to spot the difference in real life let alone on a drawing though 😉

This was drawn with pastel pencils and a white ink pen.

It’s A4 in size which means the car itself is pretty small. Pastels were the wrong choice really as they’re so dusty and don’t seem to naturally lend themselves to detail work. As a trial though I’m happy with how it came out.

I’m going to do it again, but painted and on A3. Hoping I can get more control and add more detail, but again, that’ll be another trial run.


  1. Bad Boy Steve! It looks beautifully formed and the simple impact of light on dark is always a winner for me; the reds add to that too. I’m intrigued to see how the painting compares.


    • Thanks Jacob, I’ve made a start on the painting – finding it challenging to get nice smooth blends but the overall design is coming along. I traced my original drawing at nearly twice the size and it’s on A3 card now, but the actual image is probably still less than A4. Might have to eye up some A2 for the next one 😊


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