La Belle et la Bête

This is the follow-up and final painting of the series I was doing for Beauty and the Beast, the previous two little paintings being a couple of the supporting characters from the Disney film.

15843590060140.jpgCogsworth et Lumière

Started off with the sketches and deciding which format and composition looked best.




And once that was decided then making some decisions on colour, whether to include a background or leave it white as per the little pictures above…


And several days/hours later (took surprisingly longer than expected) – the finished article.




  1. Skidd – enjoying your disney shorts, Claramae hasn’t done any yet. I could go with poster of various prints on this, would be good. Keep it up


    • Cheers Daffy, these have been delivered to a kind patron of mine.

      The thing is with copyrighted images such as these I think it’s quite nice to have an original painted version. Aside from it being illegal (doesn’t stop a lot of people mind you) I’d only want to sell prints of my own designs – I guess something like an “inspired by” piece would’ve be the exception if it was distinctly different.

      Disney are the best in the world in what they do with these characters though – I wouldn’t be improving on those in my lifetime 😁

      Get Claramae painting your commissions my friend, it’s a lockdown advantage 😀👍


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