Sworded Horseman ⚔️

The pencils were feeling a little neglected what with all the digital and paintings lately.

I had to scroll all the way back to July last year to find something comparable.


  1. Looks awesome Steve! Have you used charcoal too? There is a substantial amount of black to only be pencil!! Looks very good and reminds of Lord of the Rings characters! Hope you doing well amid the virus madness.


    • Many thanks Iasonas, it’s Conte Pierre Noire pencils which have a substantial charcoal mix.

      I did another post a while back about the blackest pencils I could find and these were they. Quite crumbly and not great for detail, Mars Lumograph Black would probably be a good choice for detail – not quite as black but more controllable for sure.


      • Sounds interesting. I recently used some water soluble graphite pencils which were seriously black when applied on slightly wet paper. I can’t recall the name or brand (it was the tutors art supplies during a lesson). Surely though there will be plenty of similar alternative s out there if you wanted to give it a go!


      • I’ve got a water soluble graphite pencil I bought years back but it’s got the same grey graphite sheen. Useful for marking up prior to painting though as it can be blended away into the watercolour 😉👍


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