RS Turbo Updated – Spot The Difference

A few weeks ago I posted up a design of one of my previous cars, the Ford Escort RS Turbo.

Since then I’ve put in several hours on tweaking the design, making a few improvements and also adding the other colour choices that the car was available in.

Here are the new versions with the addition of Mercury (grey), Diamond White, Radiant Red and Black. Being a car nerd I should also point out that it was available for a short period in a colour called Nimbus Grey but as it takes a fair while to do each new colour I’ve left that for now.

It took quite a while on the colours as it’s not just a case of changing the body paint colour. It also affects the shading, the lighting and even the colour of the indicators. You may have also noticed the background had changed to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Whilst modifying the details I’ve made a few optional extras, such as here with the spot lamps.

There’s also another difference which is harder to spot, can you see it? For anyone who was once a member of the RS Owners Club (i.e. just as nerdy) they’d spot the difference instantly as it was a feature which changed on a specific year.

I preferred the latter design though could never have afforded it. I’ve checked now in the classifieds and they are all way above the price mine was worth, they aren’t worth the current price in my opinion but nostalgia does have a massive appeal.

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