Evora X-IIII

Feel like you’ve seen this before?

You’re not wrong, this is the third version of this design I’ve done and the closest to what I’d imagined initially.

The first, ‘Evora X’ was a watercolour sketch, which due to lack of skill I wasn’t able to get the graduation correct on the shading. Other than that the rest was ok, a few wonky lines but it was just a sketch.

The second, ‘Evora X-II’, was a digital version of exactly the same. It looked more realistic but that wasn’t particularly the aim.

This version is much ‘cleaner’ and more in keeping with my current vision that I’m pursuing with the recent designs.

It’s also at a high res scale to enable to be printed up to A2 poster size in the event that anyone wanted a copy. The colour is also customisable which wasn’t possible before with the single flat layer.

As said, it’s closer but still not 100% as I envisioned. As I’ve got so many other designs bubbling away I’m calling this the final version. Unless of course I discover another way to transfer from brain to image 😁

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