Ford Escort RS Turbo

I don’t mind admitting, this post has been a looooong time coming but it’s been a labour of love to try and get it looking exactly how I wanted.

As with the previous (and the others also in process) it started life as a sketch which I then scanned digitally and set about transforming it into the artwork below.

Whilst I intended for it to be a very simplified drawing with basic shapes, etc. I found that the more I did, the more I added.  I’ve since stripped it back and reduced the complexities – quite massively in fact.  At this point it’s about half of the original shapes and curves I had back around Christmas time, yep that’s right – this has been going on for months !!!

In case you’re not familiar with the car, it’s a Ford Escort RS Turbo.  It’s known as a Series 2 RS Turbo, even though it’s a Mark IV Escort.  Confusing huh… most petrolheads will understand though 😉

I owned this car for a couple of years, it was already tuned up a bit when I bought it but the funny thing to me was that I already owned a faster sportscar (which will be featured in an upcoming post).  It was funny because these seemed to have more of a recognition amongst people that spoke to me about it, “wow, those a proper rapid”, sort of comments.  I was met with disbelief when I pointed out that my other car which they regarded as a Noddy toy car was quicker.

It was fairly uncouth to drive, the antilock brake system being one of the scariest as it would feel like the pedal would push back up towards you in the event of a skid to release the brake pressure.  Probably it was oversensitive to bumps and being my first ABS car just felt very alien.

It ended it’s life with me after chewing through the gearbox which was almost certainly due to the fact it was putting out more power than it was ever designed to take.  After having the gearbox replaced it went up for sale alongside the little sportscar and those funds combined into something a whole lot better (again, to be featured later).

Whilst this was my car (my colour, registration and spec) I’ll be doing an updated post with the other colour choices.  And also, part-way through the few years production they changed the design of the bodykit so I’ll try and factor that in somehow.

Ford Escort RS Turbo

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