One day – this will be mine!! (maybe)

As you may have seen the main artwork activity lately has been of the automotive kind, and specifically for me it’s been a learning experience when it comes to the digital artwork.

Don’t worry, I’m not about to ditch the paints – that will very much be an ongoing activity and in fact I’ve got a new medium to play with but it’ll have to wait for a couple of months before all that.

I’ve actually been working on 4-5 designs in the background and each one is a learning experience for the others.  I’ve now got it to a stage where I’ve produced some art prints that I’m happy to say are of a good enough quality (in my opinion) to be able to sell.

I’ve been quite picky when it comes to producing these.

Something I wanted to offer as an option was that people can make an order for a car art print in a colour of their choosing.  It sounds quite simple on paper but the reality is that highlights and shadows on red look totally wrong when used on blue, and then when it comes to the printing of them you’re opening up a can of worms when comparing to what’s on the screen – it’s impossible to get a perfect match even against different screens let alone screen to paper.

This is in addition to the fact that certain parts of the car, lights, windows, badges, etc. look better when altered to suit the bodywork colour.  Value composition is a vast subject, and then colour composition sits on top of that really.

Anyway – what this boils down to is what looks good when it’s stuck up on the wall.  This is what I have had delivered for my own garage wall (yes, that’s right, I have to place an order with myself!!) but I’d definitely like to have ordered the other garage contents.  My garage isn’t quite so glamorous.

This particular print is available to order from here and also on Etsy and eBay.

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