Updated Elise Headlamp Design

An update on a design from last year.

Essentially this doesn’t a look a lot different from the previous design but it’s actually quite different “under the skin” of what you see on the screen.

The actual underworkings are much simplified, even though it looks a bit more complex it’s actually got about 30% of the detail that went into the first one.  I won’t bore you with the details but I’m much happier with this version now, and it’s completely as a result of what I’ve learnt since then on the digital designs I’ve been doing.

It must be similar to when I look back at drawings and paintings that have gone before with some dread that I actually “put that out there for people to see”.

In the same way I’m hoping that five years from now I look back at everything I’m doing right now and think “what on earth did I do that for?” 😊

Anyway – here it is, and due to the difference in design I’m now able to offer it up as an art print with custom colour and size choices.  Yet another benefit to revisiting the design.

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