F40 Vents

A new car artwork, entitling this one
‘F40 Vents’

I remember travelling to the London motorshow many years back still unable to decide whether to buy the new Ferrari F40 or to go with the ‘sensible option’ of the Porsche 959.

My heart ruled my head and I finally picked the more exciting proposition of the F40 ♥️

After digging out my pocket money I went home with a new poster for the bedroom wall 😁

And here I am years later creating my own wall art, would never have imagined that at the time!!

This will be available as an art print in my shop very shortly, and I’ll make sure there will be a poster sized option available to fuel the petrolhead dreams of any kids (Kidd’s?) with similar aspirations 😉👍


    • Thank you sir🙏🏻 it started out with a pencil sketch as if I was doing a painting, then imported that into Autodesk sketchbook which has a to to bring in sketches. Then it was a mix of Illustrator and GIMP.

      I’ve drawn it in a way so that I can change the body colour, and if I can figure it out I’ve got something else quite different planned for this design so watch this space 😺


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