Instagram Top Nine of 2019

According to Instagram these are the top nine statistically, though I think IG’s algorithms have gone wrong over the latter half of this year.

The followers went up but the likes and comments dropped off a cliff – others have noticed the same 😕

This isn’t my last post of 2019 but wanted to say, I hadn’t done any art at the start of the last decade so here’s to the next one.

If you’re a follower on Instagram or my own site then very many thanks for the support.

Good luck and good health to everyone 🤗


  1. Looking good! 😀
    The cathedral is just brilliant! It’s my favourite of the nine 🙂
    I’ve experienced the exact same thing about my Instagram account, by the way.
    Anyway, a merry christmas to you!


    • Many thanks, I wouldn’t have included the top left one at all but that’s what the vote went to.

      My favourite is probably Harley in the bottom right corner as it felt the most accomplished. However it took about 35-40 times longer than Keith to the left – and it’s not 35 times better ☺️


  2. Seriously? The top left one looks wonderful! I was considering naming it my favourite as well.
    The dotted effect makes it look very interesting, and I like her expression 🙂

    Harley looks great as well. And I bet you feel a special connection to it having spent so much time on it 🙂
    I feel like I’m the one saying “Everything looks great” now, but I genuinely think all nine are brilliant!


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