Mustang 🏁

This had precisely nothing to do with the Inktober prompt of ‘dark’.  Somehow I’d replaced that word with Mustang on my list, intended to draw the horsey kind but instead craving a bit of automotive artwork I ended up drawing this instead.

In my book (and this is my book 😜) this qualifies as an animal artwork following my theme this month. Though I will admit that perhaps it’s a sign that I’m nearing the end of the month and looking forward to the next automotive piece. November’s nearly here and there will definitely be a new car artwork published!!

This was drawn with black and grey Kuretake ink on Canson bright white paper. As with my other Inktober paintings, this picture is for sale via this link πŸ€—





  1. The Ford Mustang. My father was a real Mustang enthusiast. Over the years he owned a total of 12 Mustangs (7 at once). He started restoring 1965 & 1966 convertible Mustangs when I was a child. He would spot one in a parking lot and leave a note with his phone number and an offer to purchase. He would buy them in rough condition and then spend his free time restoring them. New paint, new tops, new bumpers, etc. The building that is now my woodworking shop was originally built to house and work on Mustangs. When Ford reintroduced the convertible Mustang in 1984 he went out and bought a brand new one. Then in 2005, at the age of 74, he purchased a brand new Mustang GT convertible, silver with red interior. He loved Mustangs that for certain. He sold all of them but one. The 2005 was gifted by him to my nephew who still cares for it and drives it today. Thanks for the post, it stirred up some fond memories. Have a great day!


    • That’s fantastic Mike, they’ve started showing up in the UK in the past 2-3 years as Ford had a big push with the recent redesign for right-hand drive and suitability for roads with bends and bumps in.

      I very much like the design job of the most recent model, before the current face lift which I don’t think has done it any favours. It harks back more to the original with it’s stylish lines, a more svelte shape rather than heavyweight muscle car – though of course it’s always had that muscularity to it.

      Fascinating story of your father and his love for them, glad that I went for the hood ornament rather than the animal version now. Very many thanks for ordering this one, I sincerely hope you’ll be happy with it 😁


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